August 24th, Hamster Taxidermy Class, Salem MA

August 24th, Hamster Taxidermy Class, Salem MA


A basic taxidermy class a part of the Freaks Antiques and Uniques Convention. Taking place August 24-25th at The Hawthorne Hotel, Salem MA. Location is in The Essex Room, Time 2:30-6pm.

-This class will introduce students to the process and techniques behind basic small mammal taxidermy. Students will be shown a quick skinning demonstration and given pretanned skins to work with. Bodies will be premade and students will be able to position, sew, and pin their creations. Students are encouraged to bring in any props they may want to dress the animal up in.

*Stock image hamster pic and pics of small mammals student completed in previous classes.

We will provide all specimens, materials, and tools for the class. Each student will leave with his or her own finished mount. All specimen deaths are not related to the artwork. Everything is long deceased beforehand. Animals are sourced from roadkill when legal, abatement and nuisance removal, donations, pet store and breeder casualties, and scraps from other taxidermists which would often be thrown away

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