We are very honored to offer pet services for those looking to preserve their furred, scaled, or feathered friends for eternity. Pet work is very sensitive and we treat every pet like our own once it comes into our care. After the loss of my FIP kitten Thistle I became devoted to helping other pet parents by offering these services. I am so happy to be able to help and provide some solace for those looking for these options. Currently we offer skull and bone cleaning, skeletal articulations, pelt tanning, taxidermy, and various mementos such as paw imprints, collecting whiskers, nose casts, cleaning claws, paw preservation, tail tanning, heart preservation; wet specimen or mummified, collecting microchips, etc. For locals we can schedule and arrange pickup as well for a modest added fee. 

At home care

Time is very important after your pet passes, please take as long as you need to grieve after but be aware that the body starts to degrade quickly. It is always best to prepare ahead of time, as you will need space to freeze your pet until you are ready for transport or able to ship.

Shipping instructions

For those not local to the east coast, there are shipping options available. The best option if you can afford it is to send a frozen overnight shipment. Always tell UPS, FEDEX, USPS, that you are shipping a perishable item. Only overnight and two day services are guaranteed to arrive on time, so using USPS priority mail or ground services is a gamble. If you are shipping during the winter and package properly these options are viable. 


We do not typically suggest using foam coolers, as they tend to crack open during shipping. If you do want to use one please double box it so it has an extra layer of security. Make sure your animal is wrapped up tightly in heavy duty bags, tied off and sealed. Even though your animal is frozen please include various icepacks or frozen water bottles to ensure the package stays cool. Fiberglass house insulation is the cheapest and best option for insulating. Place your pet on a strip of house insulation and add the icepacks around your pet. Then roll up the insulation around them. Then rebag. Once bagged again you can place into a thick cardboard box and seal it up. Please keep us updated when you ship and we will always confirm arrivals. 



Skull Cleaning- Pets under 50lbs $75, Pets over 50lbs $150

Skeletal Articulations- Small mammals, birds, small reptiles $350, Rabbits $500, Larger reptiles $500+, Small Dogs and Cats $600, Dogs over 30lbs $700+; Prices are guidelines and could deviate from these baselines depending on base and display options

Pelt Tanning- Small Dogs and Cats $200, Over 30lbs $250+

Taxidermy- Small Dogs and Cats start at $900; pricing is a baseline and will deviate with base and display options

Memento Items- Paw Imprints $15-35, Paw preservation $50-75, Tail tanning $30-50, Whisker collecting $15, Claw cleaning $30, Nose casts $15-35, heart preservation; wet specimen hearts $30-50; mummified $30-75, Microchip collecting $15

Aquamation- $100-350 depending on the size of the animal

*Return shipping or delivery is not included and will be determined once pieces are completed and ready to be returned